Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp Care Guide


If you want your S&S Himalayan Salt Lamps to last while retaining its full operational quality, taking good care of it should be given paramount importance. Here’s a detailed and elaborated instructions as to how to keep your S&S Himalayan Salt Lamps clean and proper taken care of.


  • Avoid getting the Himalayan Salt Lamp wet. Do not place or leave the Himalayan Salt Lamps in extremely damp rooms or outdoors since due to its hygroscopic properties, it has strong tendencies to rapidly attract and absorb water vapour.
  • Dry the Himalayan Salt Lamp promptly when wet. You can use a soft cloth to wipe away excessive water build up or simply light a tea light candle in your lamp on so that the warmth of the candle dries it. To keep your lamps dry, it is highly recommended to continuously have the Himalayan Salt Lamp on when you are living in an extremely humid settings or wet weather conditions.
  • If moisture persists despite all these drying techniques, place the Himalayan Salt Lamps in direct sunlight for several hours until it completely dries.


When Himalayan Salt Lamps are transported or left idle without being used, the surface of the salt lamps can have a significant amount of dust and dirt accumulation.

  •  To remove this dirt build up, get a dish cloth.
  • Moisten the dish cloth and wring it out completely.
  • Rub the dirt off the salt lamp using the moistened dish cloth.
  • Allow the scrubbed Himalayan Salt Lamp to dry by burning a tea light candle in it or by other drying means elaborated previously.
  • Use a scourer for heavy ground dirt and do the same process as what you should do with a dish cloth.
  • Allow the lamp to dry in direct sunlight while keeping it indoors.

All of the mentioned processes can be used for standard caring and cleaning of the Himalayan Salt Lamps.