Bath Bomb Supplies

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*Bicarbonate of Soda 5kg
When mixed with citric acid bicarbonate of soda make amazing fizzing bath products like bath bombs, bubble bars and bath fizz.
*Citric Acid 5kg
Citric acid is one of the necessary ingredients for fizzing bath products.  Bath bombs, bath fizzies, fizzing bath salts will all include citric acid with bicarbonate of soda in their recipes to ensure the reaction between acid and alkalai that is so impressive
*Cream of Tartar
Cream of Tartar is  often used in cooking to strengthen the matrix of  bubbles in products like egg white when being whipped so it does not collapse too readily.  The same can occur when adding it to bath products such as bath bombs and bubble bars to create large, luscious, stable bubbles.  When used in combination with bicarbonate of soda it helps create a light, aerated product to create the right texture you need for success.
*Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA)
SLSA is fine to use for all skin types, even sensitive skin.  It removes oil and bacteria without causing skin irritation. SLSA is a mild, natural cleanser which is hydrophillic, dissolving quickly in water.  It is great in bubble bars, bath bomgs, 2 in 1 Shampoo, Bar Soap, Body Wash, Facial Cleansers, Oral Care, Shampoos, Sulfate-Free.
*Witch Hazel
Witch Hazel is a wonderful product with many wide and varies uses.  It can be used on the face to gently tighten pores and clean and tone the skin thoroughly when used as an astringent. When used as a toner it naturally conditions the skin and assists moisturizer performance to give a smooth, fresh complexion.  It can be used as an ant inflammatory spray, or facial spritzer, or used as a natural mouth wash.
When used to replace water in bath bomb and bath fizz recipes it does not react so readily with the other ingredients so reduces fizzing at the time of manufacture.
The botanical name for witch hazel is Hamameliz virginiana.
The ingredients for this product are simply distilled witch hazel and 14% alcohol as a preservative.
*63mm Stainless Steel Bath Bomb Mould x10
This stainless steel bath bomb mould is sturdy and resilient, making mid sized bath bombs ready for wrapping.  Simply pack both sides of the mould tightly with your mix, sprinkle a little more loosely on one half to bind them when you compress the two halves together carefully.  Unmould in accordance with the timing in your recipe.Made from 304 stainless steel with thickness of .5mm.
*75mm Stainless Steel Bath Bomb Mould x10
This bath bomb mould certainly makes a statement.  Making a whopping 75mm bath bomb, will the fizzing ever end?  Simply pack both halves of your mould tightly with mix, sprinkle a little extra on the surface of one half and compress the other carefully on top.  Unmould using the timing recommended by your recipe
*Heart & Flower Mould
2 heart cavities and 2 flower cavities per mould
The heart and flower has the heart being 6cm x 6cm x 3cm and the flower being  6cm x 6cm x 2.5cm
*Water Soluble Amaranth Colour Powder
Amaranth colour powder is a red colour with a purple hue to it.  Great when used in bath bombs and bath salts with no staining or residue being completely water soluble.
*Water Soluble Brilliant Blue Colour Powder
This amazing blue colour powder is completely soluble in water, making it ideal for bath bombs, bath salts and even bath milks if you wish them coloured.  The dye is extremely concentrated so a little bit will go a long way.
*Water Soluble Green Colour Powder
This water soluble green colour powder is a deep rich green colour when the colour is freed into water.  Use in bath bombs and bath salts sparingly, as the concentrated colour will be intense.
*Water Soluble Orange Colour Powder
Our water soluble orange colour powder has stunning clarity when dissolved in water making it a brilliant choice for bath bombs, bath salts, bubble bars and the like.
*Water Soluble Yellow Colour Powder
This beautiful water soluble yellow colour powder is a gorgeous clear yellow when added to water.  Consider it for your bath bombs, bath salts and bubble bars.

*Polysorbate 80 

Poly80 is the solubiliser you need if trying to emulsify heavier oils in water or alcohol (for lighter oils such as essential or fragrance oils use polysorbate 20).  If you need to make bath oil disperse into bath water, or a massage oil which will wash easily from your towels this is your bunny.  It can be used as a dispersant up to 5%, or up to 50% if you need it to emulsify.

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