S&S Melt Packs

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Spoilt for choice and need some help? Why not try our S&S Melt Pack - available in S&S Melt Shots (21g) or S&S Melt Trays (79g)!

Each category has 1 of each fragrance for you to try! Whether its something sweet, something floral or your favourite perfume, we're sure you will find something you love!

1.Sweet Pack (7 fragrances)
.Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail
.Vanilla Caramel
.Pink Sugar
.Black Raspberry Sugar
.Froot Loops
.Hot Jam Doughnut 

2.Fower Pack (7 fragrances)
.Jasmine & Magnolia
.Japanese Honeysuckle
.Wild Jasmine
.Lily of the Valley
.Autumn Orchid

3.Perfume Pack (10 fragrances)
.S&S Beautiful Type
.S&S Poison Type
.S&S CK One Type
.S&S Little Black Dress
.S&S Dolce & Gabbana
.S&S Cool Water Type
.Flower Bomb Type
.Miss Dior Type
.1 Million Type
.Be Delicious Type