S&S Ultra-Wax 5kg ~NEW~


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S&S Ultra-Wax 5kg ~NEW~

S&S Ultra-Wax


A soy wax that ticks all the boxes.


Waxes for candles can be difficult to say the least. Good adhesion to glass for container candles, and good fragrance throw are conflicting properties. Getting melts to have amazing scent and not ooze in a market stall in summer is the goal.


Trying to find something that will do everything is nigh impossible. At S&S Candle Studio we feel we have the solution.


Generally, when making ANY candles or melts with S&S Ultra-Wax:

1.  The manufacturing area should be clean, draught free with minimal temperature variation.

2.  Any glassware should be washed and dried.

3.  Fragrance loading of 7-10% is workable without the need for additives

4.  Do not overheat, maximum temperature 110°C

5.  Do not stir violently.

6.  Temperature Control is paramount.


Specifically, when making CONTAINER Candles with OzSoy Ultimate:

1.  The containers should not be cold, but preferably warm i.e.50°C minimum.

2.  S&S Ulta-Wax when made into container candles should be poured at 85-90°C, with minimal aeration. Cooling should be as slow as possible, even insulate the containers with blankets, insulating batts. Or twin cushion cardboard.


Specifically, when making Melts:

  1. When made into melts pour at 65-70ºC and do not insulate.