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*Double Boiler comes with lid and does not include pourer
The image is to show how the double boiler is used with the pour pot full of wax or soap sitting in hot water and hanging over the rim. This is the best way to heat your wax or soap and does not create hot spots. The whole idea is to get a more even temperature through the wax or soap by stirring gently until your required temperature is reached. 
Aluminium pot not suitable for induction cook top unless used in conjunction with a ferromagnetic interface disk.

*Thermometers - Glass Ideal for monitoring the temperature of your wax or soap with easy read dual Fahrenheit and Celsius scale and metal clip to attach to melting pot.NOTE: This product does not contain mercury or any other toxic substance.

*Thermometer - Digital - Metal Probe All new Digital Thermometer with metal probe, Ideal for monitoring the temperature of your wax or soapThis thermometer has an easy to read and accurate digital face, which can be read from above, making it much easier to monitor the temperature of your wax  or soap from above, as you are stiring during melting. The thermometer comes with a metal clip to attach to melting pot and is operated by a small button battery NOTE: This product does not contain mercury or any other toxic substance.

*Pouring PotsPourer

Pourer- 500mls - Polypropylene - Small
Pourer - 1 Litre - Polypropylene - Medium
Pourer - 3 Litre - Polypropylene - Large
Pourer - 5 Litre - Polypropylene - X-Large
Pourer with Scale Australian Made Jug made from food grade polypropylene. Features non drip spout, accurate clear increments and capable of temperatures up to 110 Deg. Celsius. 

Aluminium Pouring Pot
Pouring Pot - Aluminium - Small - 1 Litre
Pouring Pot - Aluminium - Large - 3 Litre
The ideal way to melt your wax, use with a double boiler for best results. Melting your wax with a aluminium pour pot sitting in heated water gives you a gentler and more even temperature when used correctly. Using a Double Boiler full of water does not create hot spots in the wax that can happen with direct heat on a stove and can damage the wax .