S&S Goats Milk Soap Bars

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S&S Goats Milk Soap

Our S&S Scented Goats Milk Soap base is made with refrigerated liquid Vitamin D Goat's Milk, the exact same as the Goat's Milk you drink! This creates soap with a full, delicate and creamy lather that softens skin and moisturises. It also has a beautiful, creamy custard colour to it.

Available in scented or non-scented bars. Our non-scented bars are great for those with skin allergies - we've received a lot of great feedback from our customers.

2 Options Available:
Option 1: Pick your fragrance from the drop down menu
Option 2: Select "OTHER" and choose your favourite fragrance from the "S&S Fragrance List" and note your selection in the comments when checking-out of our store

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