S&S Soy Wax Nature Wax C3 2kg

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 This wax should be heated to between 80ºC and 94ºC and stirred periodically to heat evenly.  Do not exceed 94ºC when heating or it may discolour. 
Additives may be used to improve the performance of this wax.
Cool slightly and add colour and fragrance as required.  Pour at between 49ºC and 74ºC for best results.  Your container should be at room temperature or slightly warmer.
Allow candle to cure for at least 12 hours before burning.

This wax does require you to use a wick slightly larger than one you may have used for other brands of soy wax.
This product is known as C-3 grade

A fragrance load of 6% is recommended with this wax but can be increased to 7-10% with the use of additives that control this factor.

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